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Jim Gist | Advisor

Phone: 559-250-3405


Mary Gist | Social Media

Jeremy Burkhardt

Founder - Origin Acoustics

Jim has worked for some stiff type companies that were very corporate. Though I don't envy the great job he has done in these environments, I do envy his ability to adapt, stay true to the belief that relationships and networking are great tools to business success. I trust Jim and believe that many of the companies he worked for would not have achieved their level of success without his valuable contributions. I look forward to hopefully working with Jim in the future.

Glen Mella

President - Control4

Jim is a talented and committed professional and business leader. He worked tirelessly in the formative years at Control4 to help launch the company and gain early traction in multiple channels. He was instrumental in building our leadership position in the CEDIA channel, along with specialty retail, hospitality and commercial/Pro AV. Jim is well connected and respected in the Consumer Electronics industry and he will be a mover and shaker in any organization. His broad technical understanding, product and industry knowledge will allow him to continue being a strong contributor wherever he goes!

William Harper

Director - Intellectual Ventures

Jim is a deal maker. His knowledge of the industry, personality, and business acumen make him a great asset to the company. He is one of the reasons this company is and will continue to be successful.

Eric Smith

Co-Founder - Control4

I have now known Jim for more than 10 years, and I can honestly say that I do not know anyone with more enthusiasm and energy. Jim is also amazing with people. He seems to know everyone, and everyone seems to know him. He has a keen ability to "infect" others with his enthusiasm which has proven to be very valuable at Control4.

Scott Manchester

Director - Microsoft

Jim knows no boundaries in terms of his creativity and ability to develop and drive strategic partnerships. Jim's experience in the consumer electronics and home controls industry is unprecedented as he has been an entrepreneur building one of the most successful home integration companies, an executive at leading consumer electronics companies and has help launch new business to deliver home automation products to the masses.


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